About the artist

A native of Maryland currently living in the Towson area, Kas Rohm energetically embraces the dynamic transparency that only watercolor offers. She seeks fresh composition, responding to the simultaneous momentum and stillness of subjects from her environment, often infusing whimsy into her paintings. Watercolor is beautifully fluid and presents as both versatile and challenging, lending itself gracefully to realism as well as to impressionistic studies. 

You can also find Kas on Instagram at #kasrohmart and connect with her at kasrohmart@gmail.com 

Commissions accepted. 

Where to find me--


September 26, 2023 (Tuesday), 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.:  Join me at Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, MD, for another watercolor workshop titled "Queen Anne's Lace with Bleed Proof White." Queen Anne’s Lace is a beautiful subject for enhancing a watercolor painting with an opaque medium. In this workshop, we’ll use Bleed Proof White Fine Art Paint over our watercolor washed paper to create vibrant splashes of white lace flowers. We’ll add stems and leaves to complete our composition and enliven our colors with oil pastels. All materials provided, including wine!  Register at  Queen Anne's Lace Workshop

November 12, 2023 (Sunday), 10:00 - 11:30 a.m., Manor Mill Gallery,  Monkton. Interested in some scrappy watercolor fun? In this workshop, we’ll use a mop watercolor brush to splash abstract shapes onto our paper and use our imagination to craft those “ink blot” shapes into stylized human and animal figures. Then we’ll add realism and perspective by striking  shadows across the paper. We’ll also experiment with splattering paint onto paper and creatively crafting those droplets into beautiful fields of flowers. Bring along your favorite morning beverage!  Register at:

Splatter and Splash Watercolor Workshop

December 3, 2023 (Sunday), 10:00-11:30 a.m.  "Brunch and Brushes," Manor Mill Gallery.  Come join me on this December 3 Sunday morning for a light brunch around the watercolor table!  We’ll brunch while we brush golden yellow and brown watercolor paint into artistic croissants and cinnamon toast (with real cinnamon!) on our paper.   Bring your own coffee if you like, and Mimosas, coissants, and jazz music ambience will be provided. No experience needed, ages 13+.

Register here.

Ongoing Exhibit -- The Inn at Mary's Land Farm

Kas is the featured artist at The Inn at Mary's Land Farm in Clarksville, Maryland, a comfortable country bed and breakfast surrounded by bucolic farmland and a working farm.  Over 20 of her original watercolors are on display and are available for purchase.  Kas makes frequent visits to this beautiful working farm that offers serene views, adorable farm animals, and rustic buildings to spark her creative energy.  Several of her original framed watercolors and charcoal/pencil works are on permanent display at the Inn which is situated on the farm property.  Kas holds frequent watercolor classes at the Inn, and notecards featuring her work are available in the farm store (along with the farm's delicious ice cream, meats, and other dairy products!) which is nextdoor to the Inn .  More information about the Inn at Mary's Land Farm (including B&B reservations) at The Inn at Mary's Land Farm, and more information about the farm and farm store at Mary's Land Farm.

Ongoing Exhibit -- Manor Mill Gallery

Original watercolor pieces by Kas Rohm are on permanent rotating exhibit and can be purchased at the Manor Mill Gallery, Monkton, Maryland, where Kas also holds monthly watercolor workshops.  The Gallery is located in a lovingly restored mill building built in the mid-1700's featuring massive original timbers and wood floors.  The mill includes beautiful rotating exhibition space for local artists, workshop classrooms, and a charming retail space selling local arts and crafts.  More information at Manor Mill.


September 8, 2023  Watercolor workshop "Fish Odyssey" at the Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton in conjunction with a September fish-themed exhibition at the Gallery.

August 2023--Mary's Land Farm, Clarksville, MD.  

"Let's Paint Sunflower" watercolor workshops during the Clarksville Sunflower Festival at Mary's Land Farm.  

July 25, 2023:  Miller's Grant in Ellicott City, sunflower painting workshop.

July 25, 2023.  Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, MD, watercolor class titled "Bright Summer Sunflowers!"

July 6, 2023:  Free community watercolor workshop at the Hereford Library.

July 1, 2023, Watercolor workshop "Experimenting with Liquid Watercolor" at Manor Mill in Monkton, Maryland. 

May 13, 2023, Art Sale at Old Line Spirits distillery.

April 22, 2023, Manor Mill Gallery, Monkton.  "Food for Thought" watercolor workshop painting with fruit juices, spices, cinnamon.

April 16, 2023, the Inn at Mary's Land Farm in Clarksville, MD.  "Food for Thought" watercolor workshop painting with fruit juices, spices, cinnamon.

March 2023, Towson Arts Collective, Kas was guest artist for the month of March, 2023, at the Towson Arts Collective Gallery located at the Kenilworth Shops in Towson, MD.   

February 21, 2023, Watercolor workshop titled "Brush Up Your Watercolor" at Manor Mill, Monkton Maryland.  

February 18, 2023, 12:00-2:00 p.m.:  Watercolor workshop "Let It Snow!" at the Inn at Mary's Land Farm. 

January 21, 2023, Manor Mill in Monkton, MD, watercolor workshop titled "LET IT SNOW!" where we experimented with masking fluid, chalk, crayon, and salt to make our own blizzard in the studio!  

December 14, 2022, 6:00-7:30 p.m.: Watercolor workshop at Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, MD, titled "Beautiful Holiday Poinsettias!"    

December 4, 2022, 2:00-4:00 p.m.:  Kas held a watercolor class at the Inn at Mary's Land Farm titled "Beautiful Holiday Poinsettias and a Wreath." 

November 13, 2022:  Kas held a watercolor workshop at Mary's Land Farm in Clarksville, MD,  titled,"Let's Paint Trees!" 

November 10, 2022:  Kas held a watercolor workshop at Manor Mill Gallery, Monkton, MD, titled, "Fall is time for Pumpkins and Corcucopia!."  

November 1, 2022: Kas held a watercolor workshop at Mary's Land Farm Inn in Clarksville, MD, titled, "The Smiling Face of a Sunflower." 

October 11, 2022: Kas held a watercolor workshop, "Watercolor: Now That's Funny!" at Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, MD.  Her whimsical watercolor style includes a series of works that has become known as, "The Adventures of Bow-Tie Gull" (this lovable bird character even has his own page on this website--check it out!).  Kas enjoys infusing humor in many of her watercolors, and shared techniques for facial expressions and posture that show emotion, specifically humor. 

September 29, 2022:  Kas held a watercolor workshop titled "Watercolor: Let's Paint Trees!" at the Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, Maryland.  Wet on Dry and Wet in Wet techniques were practaced.  

August 2 through September 28, 2022:  Baltimore County Public Library Exhibit:

Kas exhiited 26 of her original watercolors at the Hereford Branch of the Baltimore County Library. 

Many thanks to the Baltimore County Library system for inviting me to exhibit my work.

September 1, 2022: Watercolor workshop titled "Earth and Sky: A Beginner Watercolor Landscape Study" at the Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, Maryland. 

August 13-14, 2022: Along with other artisans, Kas exhibited and sold framed watercolors at the Clarksville Sunflower Festival at Marys Land Farm.  

July 28, 2022, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m: Workshop, "Watercolor: Summer Sunflowers Techniques and Project" at Manor Mill Gallery in Monkton, Maryland.  We worked on gradient washes to explore the weight of paint and water on our brush, then used wet-on-wet and dry brush techniques to create depth and texture.  

June 12, 2022:  Watercolor class at Manor Mill in Monkton, Maryland.  This class focused on watercolor techniques and materials, including experimenting with salt and alcohol additives . 

May 14, 2022:  Kas exhibited and sold framed watercolors and matted prints at the Butcher's Hill Spring Flea Market and Craft Fair in Patterson Park.

May 7, 2022:  Kas held an art sale at Old Line Spirits, a whiskey distillery in Baltimore that holds fun weekly tastings and entertainment on site.  Signature Old Line Spirits themed matted prints (titled "A Favorite Place" and "Old Line Whiskey Barrell" which can be seen on the Selected Works page of this website) are available for sale. Please contact artist at kasrohmart@gmail.com.