The History and Adventures of Bow-Tie Gull

Bow-Tie Gull is a beloved character creation of whom I have become quite fond.  Here is a biographical sketch of his life, including some of his recent adventures.  No doubt there will be more adventures to come!

Prototype #1: Neck-Tie Gull Enjoys the Holidays

This was the spark--this endearing character who affectionately fluttered into my mind's eye one day just around the holidays.  I blamed his impish expression on too much spiked eggnog. He seemed rather too satisfied with himself.  You know, like the one guy at the holiday party who hours into the open bar still has his tie stylishly at his neck when all the other birds have theirs lassoed around their foreheads doing the bird walk on the dancefloor.  He needs a dose of humility, I believe.

Prototype #2: Neck-Tie Gull Seeks Self-Reflection

In Prototype #2, his demure expression could be mistaken for embarrassment about the unfortunate mishap known as "feet."   Or he might just be missing the feeling of sand between his webbed toes.  Wait!  I can fix that!  I'll give him a salty wave-washed beach (and I promise his bony little chicken feet will never, never be seen again).  Plus, his necktie seems a bit too stuffy for his dynamic personality.  We'll fix that, too, and give him a lovable mo-jo to compliment his forthcoming neckware!  


The Birth of Bow-Tie Gull

Yes...yes.  This bow tie is more suited to a dignified bird who can set aside daily urgency in order to ponder his surroundings, his feathered universe.  Ok, maybe just his stretch of the beach. Fortunately, however, his feet are now safely obscured by some forgiving beach real estate. It is difficult to know how deep his thoughts are.  But the artist assumes he is contemplating the unfortunate miniature stature of his bow-tie. 

Top Hat Bow-Tie Gull

The plot thickens as Bow-Tie Gull now ponders both the insufficient scale of his bow-tie and whether an accoutrement is necessary to enhance his increasingly dapper personality.  Ahhh...embellishments are a tricky thing and can get out of hand so quickly.

Happy Hour Bow-Tie Gull

It seemed only fair to provide Bow-Tie Gull with features of civilized bird life. It suits him, I think, by the look of refined consideration in his eye.  His bow-tie is gaining stature, likely encouraged by his new-found diplomacy.  And besides masking his chicken-like feet in the ocean tide, you'll also never see both eyes at the same time, as demure glances rather than direct gazes are more to his nonconfrontational liking.  He is a mystery, wrapped in a quandry, surrounded by a paradigm. But most importantly, with a bigger bow-tie.

Bow-Tie Gull in a Pinch

Well established as an iconic and upstanding member of the ocean bird community, Bow-Tie Gull has nevertheless allowed himself to get in a bit of a pinch.  Too debonair to rudely shake it off, Bow-Tie Gull will instead attempt to calm his ruffled feathers and tolerate the insurgent who has interrupted his afternoon ponderings until the scoundrel tires of hanging around.

Bow-Tie Gull--A  Fishing Odyssey 

Meaning comes in many forms.  For Bow-Tie Gull, the purpose of life sometimes becomes quite apparent at the bottom of a martini glass.  But today he seeks confirmation of life at the end of a hook.  No doubt this odyssey will end happily for at least one of our friends.

Bow-Tie Gull's Bad Feather Day

Distancing oneself from the flock can be challenging but typically somewhat satisfying.  Here, however, in his effort to raise the bar on personal grooming, Bow-Tie Gull has blown us away with an episode of overzealous primping.  Humidity sucks, right Bow-Tie Gull?

Bow-Tie Gull Seeks Dapper Heights

Even dignity finds comfort in moments of frivolity.  On this breezy beach day, Bow-Tie Gull has set aside his lofty ponderings to consider the playfulness of a kite with a tail almost as dapper as he is.  

Bow-Tie Gull Discovers an Imposter

Bow-Tie Gull is feeling a bit crabby today after chancing upon an imposter who is attempting to step upon Bow-Tie Gull's dapper persona.  His disgust is almost as apparent as the impish expression of his unwelcome copycat visitor.

Life is a Martini

We can't all handle our liquor, and Bow-Tie Gull is having one of those days.  His five-o'clock shadow is telling for a bird who is seldom seen unkempt.  Alas, his indulgence has made him forget to sink his chicken feet into the sand.  The artist humbly apologizes on Bow-Tie Gull's behalf....

Bow-Tie Gull on his Game

Placed into service on rare occasions, Bow-Tie Gull's Referee Bow Tie made an appearance on the beach today just in time to demonstrate the official "side out" signal.  Go Ref. 


It has happened to the best of us.  We gather up the sweetest rewards, cradle them in our feathered limbs, and gaze at them ever so fleetingly before indulging in their delights.  But in a nano second, our delerious expectations can be scattered like grains of sand on the beach. Easy come, easy go, Bow-Tie Gull.

Bow-Tie Gull Seeks Lofty Pursuits

Sophistocated in his red bow tie and conductor's suit, Bow-Tie Gull is pondering more cultured pursuits today.  Even the artist is curious about how Bow-Tie Gull will play this one out....

Food Chain Issues

As Bow-Tie Gull sees it, life at the top of the food chain can be a serious, contemplative affair.  One wonders if he has the nerve to stick it to the fish.

Bow-Tie Beaker Gull

Bow-Tie Gull is about to learn that having ALL of the information can be a game changer.  He may also have benefitted from that old addage, "Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong."  Or perhaps the one that goes, "Curiosity killed the....," well, you get the idea.

Bow-Tie Gull Needs a Trim

That "just out of bed look" isn't always endearing, and apparently not everyone can pull it off.  Time for a trim, Bow-Tie Gull. 

Bait N' Tackle Bow-Tie Gull

Anything biting today, Bow-Tie Gull?  You look pretty fly in your bait n'tackle gear, but your line seems a little slack.

Bow-Tie Gull in Pursuit of Meaningful Family History

Having experienced scant success in his bait'n tackle expedition (the artist is not entirely sure he was actually using bait), Bow-Tie Gull has moved on to more studious pursuits.  His adventuresome nature will surely endear him to his flock when he returns from his high-flying episodes.

Bow-Tie Gull in the Money

Mr. Gull has suddenly come across some loose change.  The artist inquires on Bow-Tie Gull's behalf:  does anyone have two starfish for a sand dollar? 

Someone to Look Up To

Bow-Tie Gull shares an endearing moment as a youthful admirer absorbs his practiced stature and poise.  No doubt this progeny also aspires to the mindful far-away gaze that is required for deep surf-side ponderings.  Regal humility is a tough catch, little Stilts Guy. Don't give up.

Friends with Percs

Our dapper friend has found a, well, dapper friend.  Word has it they've been spotted spending time together surf-side, and their admiring gazes are rather telling....  Those matching red adornments may herald a special friendship. Do tell, Mr. Bow-Tie Gull, will it be golf or tennis on the beach today? 

Bow-Tie Gull and the Fork Episode

A day spent on putting greens and tennis courts can no doubt elevate the appetite, and Mr. Gull is quite enthusiastic in his culinary pursuits today.  His fork at the ready, surely he will be searching in the right direction.

Relaxing After Dinner

Having put his fork and culinary pursuits behind him, Bow-Tie Gull is ready for some civilized pleasures. Savvy and cool down to his webbed feet (although with discretion still hidden in the surf), Mr. Gull has found solace in his favorite cigar and Bourbon Old Fashioned--this one shaken, not stirred.